May 13th, Copenhagen

After a month of constant travelling I'm finally back in Copenhagen. I'm getting closer and closer to figuring out the sound for the next album. I've gone from 25 songs to 15 songs, to 10 songs and now 13 songs. The catalogue is still getting stronger. I'm working towards finishing the production for two of the songs and then we will try and figure out who is going to mix the album. I'm not doing the final mixes myself this time. All in all very exciting times ahead. I have a good feeling about this album and the musical direction I've chosen. I can't wait to share it with the world!

February 1st, Copenhagen

The album is gonna be relased in Germany on February 27th. Radios have already been spinning Nothing's Holding You Back for a while, and now they've just started playing You Got My Back. I will start playing a lot more in Germany from now on - both solo and with my band. I haven't done much since the German tour in December since I was hit by a heavy winter depression. I'm slowly working my way out and also starting to crack the code to the next album. Lots of exciting stuff to tell about it all, but let's keep it a secret for some time though...

September 9th, Copenhagen

These days we're playing shows in Denmark and Tuborg (great Danish beer) has been supporting us with a nice tour van and it makes touring easy. Here is a short video from the road:

April 15th, Copenhagen

We're getting closer to the album release! On Monday my little baby is out and I thought we should celebrate that a bit in advance, so here is a new single that you can download for free on Soundcloud. It was written in the Swiss mountains last year during Nordklang Festival, and to me it's about the feeling I had when I finished High School and stood there with the graduation hat, full of hope and felt like I could do anything I wanted to. It's a strong feeling...

Back then I wanted to pursue my dreams and goals so bad... and I gave it all I had. I still try to remind myself that I'm actually living my dream at this point.

Remember that you can do what you want.

Go and get what you want from life. Nothing's holding you back.

January 18th, Copenhagen

Alright, here we go! Finally! I’m proud to present this track to all of you. I’ve been working on this album for over a year, and this song appeared in the middle of the process in February. The song came to life halfway up the Alps during Nordklang Festival. I was on a camp for Nordic songwriters and were put together with Icelandic songwriter Myrra Rós in a room for three hours. We had to write a song and we came up with this, based on a mutual feeling. It was an extraordinar y intense experience to write this song and to realize that we were so much alike. ‘Traces’ is very dear to both of us so I hope you will like it. I recorded it in my parents’ cabin by the water a couple of months ago. Perfect place to catch the vibe of the song, all isolated from everyone and everything.

You can download it for free and please do share it with your friends or just someone you know who is hungover today and could use a nice little Sunday song.

I want to thank all the people who have helped me and supported me during the process of writing, recording and mixing this track and the album.

A special thanks to Myrra Rôs and the rest of the Nordklang Sessions 2014!

November 6th, Copenhagen

It's been pretty quiet here for a while eh? Well that's over now. I will start blogging again. A lot of things have happened over the past six months. My debut album is almost done - I have to send the mixes to mastering in three weeks and I can't wait to get it all out of my hands. It has been such a long process with ecstatic ups and despressive down periods... I can't wait to start writing new songs and work on some of the new ideas. I have learned so many things in the process of making this album, so hopefully the next one will be a litlle less "painful"...

I have finally come up with a name for this solo project, so I'll be releasing the album as The Radar Post, which will also be my stage name from now on. I know you might have a lot of questions and opinions on that matter, but it's time to look ahead. And also, I would like to use my birth name to release an album in Danish at some point. So to make it easier for everybody and to avoid any confusion regarding the music in English vs. the music in Danish, not to forget all the misspelling and wrong pronunciation of my name when I'm abroad, this is the right thing to do. I hope you all understand or will understand at some point.

Find The Radar Post on Facebook -> CLICK HERE

April 14th, Sejrup, Denmark

At the moment I'm recording, producing and mixing my debut album so I'm a bit quiet on the blog here. I'm posting pictures and updates about the recording process on my Facebook page on a daily basis and I'll probably start blogging again when I start touring again.
When I'm not working on the album I'm rehearsing with my new band. I want to take this to the next level so I'm no only going to play solo shows anymore but also full band shows. And I'm very, very excited about this. I can't wait to get started. It's a bit strange for me to be the frontman all of a sudden, as I've always been the drummer in all my former bands. Hope to see you out there at some point. More music and more shows to come. Happy Easter!

November 27th, Cologne, Germany

Actually I think it started back in Denmark on Friday the 15th when I picked up my Canadian buddy and fellow songwriter, Peter Katz at Copenhagen Airport. He had been touring around Europe for some time and I really wanted him to come and visit me in Denmark. He had never been to DK before, so of course we had to spend a couple of days in Copenhagen, and I had to show him around Christiania and the beautiful nature that surrounds it. He had bought a ticket for Glen Hansard who was playing in Cph. the day after. Peter and Glen are friends from way back and Glen had told Peter to come to the show and maybe he could even do a song of his own during the show (and he actually ended up doing a song at the end of the show).

I went to see The Broken Beats in Copenhagen with my buddy Aske, and hooked up with Peter later on. He was hanging out with Glen Hansard and The Frames in the Radisson Hotel Lobby Bar, so I decided to join the party - but first I have to mention that my other buddy, Kim, who is the lead singer of The Broken Beats, stripped down to his bare skin (and very bare penis) when the show was peaking in intensity - kind of Full Monty-style if you remember that movie. I've never seen anyone do that on stage before, so I was impressed in some strange way, maybe because of the way he did it - it seemed so natural, but also insanely funny of course. After the show I went to Radisson and hooked up with Peter, Glen and his entourage. They seemed to be nice guys the whole gang, however I was just a bit too lightheaded to join in on the conversation.

The next day Peter and I went to Engelsholm. I had been looking forward to show him the castle since I told him about it back in March... The vibe at Engelsholm is unique and it's always a great place to stay at. This time was no exception, and I'm pretty sure Peter had the same experience. We worked in separate rooms, Peter was rehearsing all his new songs that he had been writing on his European Tour, and he even wrote a new song while staying at he castle. I was tracking vocals for a new song and rehearsing for my European Tour... We also wrote a song together that I probably will start playing at my shows eventually.

On Tuesday 19th we played a show in the Knight Hall at the castle, which was awesome, and my parents were there so I decided to stay at their place for the night. I had been so stressed up because of an insanely tight schedule, way too many things on my to-do-list and the upcoming tour, so I really needed some rest. My mom drove me to Billund Airport in the morning and I flew out to Munich. Well, actually I had to switch planes in Copenhagen, so I had a geography lesson when flying from Billund to Copenhagen - my first time on this particular domestic route. Billund is situated in my home region so I had a lot of fun trying to spot out my favorite places along the coastline - my parents' beach house, my grandfather's house... Glancing from above at these places that I know so well made me love them even more. It all looked like a huge wonderland - so beautiful from up there! I'm not patriotic but I must admit that I really love the fields of my homeland and the coastline that surrounds it. From the inlet by Vejle along the coastline to the Small Belt, the structure of the scenery is so gorgeous and obviously also from above, I just never thought of that before I actually saw it.

When the plane had just landed in Munich the German police entered the aircraft, showing a picture to the flight attendant. From a window seat in the shuttle bus I saw them escort a guy to the police car. That guy is having a bad day that's for sure.

I had a private show that evening at an opening reception in Rosenheim for a store with organic products, and of course it was a bit different as it was a reception, but I loved the concept of the store and I talked quite a lot to the CEO of the company and the marketing manager, both really nice guys caring about the environment, quality food products, the consumer, and about making changes. I think they are doing stuff that the politicians can't do/aren't doing so I was happy to be a part of this evening.

That night I stayed at a very nice hotel with this medieval theme going on. The day after I was picked up at the hotel by my own personal airport transfer taxibus (pretty fancy for an unknown indie artist). I enjoyed getting a glimpse of Bavaria and the Alps on the ride to the airport and hopefully next time I will have time to see some of Munich, I've heard so many good things about it...

I flew back to Copenhagen and spent the rest of the day with my girlfriend. For my birthday in August she gave me tickets to the Tallest Man On Earth, and we went to see him at VEGA in Copenhagen this particular evening. His wife was the support act. She goes by the name Idiot Wind, and I simply love her voice! If you never heard about her before, please check out this beautiful performance of her song 'Try To Bend A River' -> Try To Bend A River on YouTube

Tallest Man went on... I was amazed. I knew it would be an amazing experience but seriously, that man is such an amazing guitar player, singer and artist. Of course I already knew that from listening to all his albums and EPs, but the way he made it look like a walk in the park was just pretty impressive.
It's been a long time since I've had a live experience like that... This guy really inspired me to "tame" the guitar and learn how I could use the fingerpicking technique. I had brought a copy of The Sudden Stop EP with the following words on the back: "Til Kristian. Tak for inspirationen! Kh. Esben", which means "To Kristian. Thank you for the inspiration! Sincerely, Esben". I gave it to his guitar tech after the show and asked him if he could give it to Kristian. Maybe he did - maybe didn't. Maybe he did, and Kristian thought it was crap, who knows... All in all, a fantastic evening - and what a performer! And a lot of stuff for me to think about indeed. I don't know why I never cared before, but this night I realized that I can't just stand still with my eyes closed all the time when I am performing. And there's no better place to practice performance than on a tour in front of an audience every night. So this concert with TMOE was a perfect start to my tour for sure.

It was pretty late when we got back to the apartment and I hadn't packed for the tour yet, so we had a small "packing party". I had a lot of stuff to do and a lot of stuff to pack so it was 4am when we went to bed and I had to get up at 6am to catch the train to Dresden.

So after two hours of sleep I kissed my love goodbye and went to Copenhagen Central Station to print out my train ticket to Dresden, however you weren't allowed to use the computers in the Travel Center for "personal business". Of course the staff didn't have to help me if they didn't want to... and they really didn't want to. I was going for some sympathy but sometimes Danish people can be huge assholes when it comes to helping out random people, but seriously, it's only a question of reaching out to a fellow citizen of the world and not being lazy dicks - they work in a travel center, I thought they were supposed to help people traveling. Alright, so they didn't want to help me at all and I was pretty fucked because my train would depart in 30 minutes, and I really couldn't miss it. I had to make it to Dresden for the sound check and the concert and it's a 9-hour ride... I took a pretty impulsive decision and ran out of the station, carrying a flight case, a trolley and a bag with 240 EPs. There's a hotel right next to the central station so I rushed into the lobby and explained my situation to the lady at the counter (exactly as I had done in the Travel Center at the station). She too didn't have to help me if she didn't want to (she wasn't even working for a travel company), but instead of being coldhearted and lazy she just replied "Sure, just send your ticket to this e-mail address and I'll print it out right away." I was so grateful, thanked her constantly for a couple of minutes and handed her a copy of my EP. Rushed back to the station and down to the track. The train was set to leave 10 minutes later or so. I waited... Message on the speaker: "The train to Berlin Central Station has been delayed due to a technical problem." The time of departure was pushed 10 minutes... I waited... then they pushed it another 15 minutes, then 20 minutes and so on... All the people including myself were standing outside for one fucking hour in the cold before the train came. Why can't they just be honest and tell the truth immediately? If a problem takes one full hour to fix, they probably know it when it occurs. It's like they think they're doing people a favor not telling them that they have to wait an hour at the station. At least we wouldn't have had to stand outside and freeze our asses off... hard for me to understand, but maybe that's why I don't run a travel company...

Because of my delayed departure from Copenhagen I missed my train in Berlin and had to wait there for almost two hours. Apart from the fact that I was even more tired at this point, it was actually quite OK. I found a spot at a small café and replied to a lot of e-mails.
- - -
The past decade I've wanted to be better at talking to random people. I was pretty shy when I was younger and I still am to some extent, but the thing is, when you're travelling on your own it's like you talk to people automatically because you don't stick to your friends and speak your own language. On this particular tour I have already had so many random conversations with random people. I was sitting in the same section (very old school, small rooms with six seats only) as two Arabic looking guys. At some point we all heard this weird sound so we started talking about what it could be. I thought it was a broken guitar string in my flight case - it wasn't, but now I was having a conversation with these guys. They told me they were heading to Prague where they were on vacation, but that they had just been to Berlin for a couple of days. They were from India and Pakistan but were born and raised in Dubai, still living there and working. I started talking Arabic (Yes I can in fact communicate in Arabic) for a bit to see if the guy from Pakistan would understand it. The smile on his face was priceless. I guess it's not so typical that a blonde guy with pale skin and blue eyes speak Arabic... it's always a lot of fun seeing people's reaction when I suddenly switch to their native language. They invited me to come and stay at their places in Dubai whenever I got the chance, and I invited them to come and stay at my place in Copenhagen whenever they got the chance - the beauty of traveling and meeting new people. I'm certainly getting better at talking to random people and I really enjoy it.

13 hours after leaving the apartment in Copenhagen I was finally at the venue in Dresden - and I was so tired...

My German "mom and dad" from Dresden was at the venue already and I was obviously thrilled to see them! They only speak German so I had to focus and step up a bit, yet we had a really nice conversation. My family and I used to go to Dresden every or every other year to visit our friends there, since 1991 I think... so it was awesome to have a show there all of a sudden! It was called PPZK Songwriter Festival and hosted by my German friend Peter Piek who is also a songwriter.

While I was warming up on the stairs to the basement, I could hear somebody yelling something every 20 seconds. At first I thought it was Serena (the Italian artist) doing sound check but when I went upstairs I realized that it was a lady with Tourette's syndrome. "Hmm, exciting to have a person with Tourette's among the audience..." was my first thought, but actually I didn't notice her during the show. I think music makes her relax more, 'cos she didn't have as many outburst during the concerts as before, in between and after... I talked to her several times during the evening, and I just ignored it every time she yelled "EH!" or "WAH!" right at my face. It must be a hard condition to suffer from if you want to go out and socialize. I could tell that she got mad at herself after some of the worst outburst, but she seemed to have a nice evening though.

I was the opening act and when the last act went on my body was done. Had to crash on the couch in the backstage area. I was so tired I felt like I was stoned or drunk...
After the shows we all had a beer and then I went to the concert promoter's place - at this point I really, really needed to get some zzZzzZZzzz... I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow and woke up 8 hours later. I had a pre-ordered train ticket for a specific train so I had to get up, although I was still pretty tired. When I was heading towards the train station I realized I had been given the wrong directions. I had to get to Dresden Hauptbahnhof (central station) but I was heading towards Dresden Neustadt Bahnhof (new city station) I knew that I couldn't make it, so pretty quickly I decided to go for a stroll in the city instead of worrying too much. Tobias (And The Golden Choir) had offered me a ride the evening before, so I texted him and asked when he was leaving Dresden. He was leaving at 14:30 (2:30pm) so I had a couple of hours to kill. I was quite satisfied with my decision 'cos I hadn't been to Dresden for over 10 years. The best way to experience a city is by feet, in my opinion, and Peter Piek had brought my guitar and EP bag to Leipzig the night before in his car, so it was very easy for me to get around. I went to Dresden Altstadt (old part of town) and saw the "new version" of Frauenkirche. It was bombed in World War 2 and they were still rebuilding it when I was younger. Dresden is located right by beautiful river Elbe and I can imagine it would be even more beautiful in the summertime. Furthermore one of my favourite books takes place in Dresden so as I was walking around the city I couldn't help but thinking a bit about Kurt Vonnegut jr... I have to get back there, maybe next Summer with my girlfriend.

I went back to Dresden Neustadt Bahnhof and hooked up with Tobias. We had a two hour car ride ahead of us, and car rides are always a great way of getting to know each other. There was heavy fog outside and according to Tobias 'The Cure' was perfect "fog music". Tobias is a talented producer and songwriter based in Berlin and we realized that we have a lot of things in common. He asked me to visit him at his studio for coffee on December 5th when I'm playing the second show in Berlin, and of course I want to check out his place, maybe even have a short co-write session.

He dropped me off at Leipzig Hauptbahnhof and I was picked up by my German "sister" and her boyfriend who lives their. I haven't seen her in seven years or so, so we had a lot of catching up to do. We have known each other since 1991 where she was 2 and I was 4, so it was funny to hang out as "grown-ups" and without our parents for the first time. They drove me to the venue, Horns Erben, which was a really nice place with a warm and quite vintage atmosphere. A very special vibe we had going on this evening. The four individual concerts were like one complete show and all of us ended up on stage together, playing along on each other's songs. It was such an awesome end to a great songwriter festival tour and the audience really seemed to love it too. The venue was totally packed by the way. Peter was thrilled and we were all very thankful for the turnout. I wanted to stay but I also wanted to spend some time with my German "sister", so I decided to say goodbye to all of them backstage where they were having collective late night dinner.

Check out these great people:

Peter Piek

And The Golden Choir

Serena Abrami

Alright, so I went out with my German "sister" and her boyfriend for a couple of beers and we ended up at their apartment having 'Gammel Dansk' (Danish bitter herb alcohol - "Mmmmh") and 'Ratseputz' (German 58% bitter alcohol - "AHH!") which makes you feel like you've never breathed properly before. Damn, it's strong... in a very different way. Try it if you get the chance - you'll probably regret it though...

Just want to state this -> I'm not writing this blog to satisfy any music business executives or any other people for that matter... I'm writing these things first and foremost of selfish reasons. I know it's not nice to be selfish, but I also know that there is a virus on the memory card in my head that makes it pretty selective and I know it's been deleting stuff that I meant to save for later use, and that's the bummer 'cos I really like memories. I never had a diary but I want to be able to remember some of "the shit I did when I was young" when I get old. So that's why I decided to start writing some of it down.

November 6th, 2013 - Engelsholm, Denmark

The Sudden Stop EP has been reviewed 91/100 in Belgium music magazine Peek-A-Boo Music Magazine:

"'The Sudden Stop' is a great piece of art..."

"Thank you Esben Svane for this great song, just as fine and great as the previous ones... Now, where is the repeat bottom?"

"I really hope this gets a bright future!"

Read full review HERE

November 4th, 2013 - Engelsholm, Denmark

H E L P ! My song 'Duck Valley' has been picked out for a huge German competition, where German movie star Matthias Schweighöfer is looking for a specific track for his new movie. There are only 10 songs in the final round (out of thousands). Please vote for the song on the link below and you will make my day!

October 22nd, 2013 - Moerkholt, Denmark


Lots of stuff happening these days - private and professional, so I haven't had the energy to be that active online, but I'm more than happy to announce the full schedule for my European Tour this Fall:

22.11 PPZK Songwriter Festival @ Altes Wettbüro, Dresden (D)
23.11 PPZK Songwriter Festival @ Horns Erben, Leipzig (D)
24.11 Hard Rock Cafe, Berlin (D)
25.11 Hard Rock Cafe, München (D)
26.11 Nelson (Laserbühne 3000), Mannheim (D)
27.11 Hard Rock Cafe, Köln (D)
28.11 Meininger Hostel, Köln (D)
29.11 Meininger Hostel, Frankfurt (D)
30.11 Meininger Hostel, Brüssel (B)
02.12 Meininger Hostel, Amsterdam (NL)
03.12 Hörsaal, Hamburg (D)
04.12 Meininger Hostel, Hamburg (D)
05.12 Meininger Hostel, Berlin (D)
06.12 Meininger Hostel, München (D)
07.12 Meininger Hostel, Salzburg, (A)
09.12 Meininger Hostel, Wien (A)

Be sure to join the Facebook event and invite your friends -> The Sudden Stop European Tour 2013 on Facebook

August 30th, 2013 - Sejrup, Denmark

A little update from the countryside.

Yesterday I painted my dad's barn while listening to Brian Wilson and Bruce Springsteen. I like doing stuff like that. It makes me more productive when I go inside to produce and record afterwards. And in the evening I did some really nice stuff with the drum production for the opening track. A bit inspired by Brian Wilson I guess.

I've been playing some shows the past couple of weeks. After five or six weeks off technology and music it's nice to go on stage again. I'm on a small tour around the country, playing shows in new cities, which is exciting for me and a good way to build a crowd and spread the message of the music. I played at H.C. Andersen Festival in Odense, and 15 minutes before the show there were only three people there, but when I started playing, the tent slowly filled up and it ended up being a fantastic experience for me. A couple came up to me after the show and handed me a small bag. There was chocolate in there, but back in the car I realized that there was a postcard saying:

For Esben Svane - August 22nd, 2013

Dear Esben... You are a star in my personal music sky! I heard you for the first time here in Odense a while ago and was instantly sold. Your voice is amazing and your songs go straight in, where only the honest can be let in. We didn't know that you were playing today, but it has been an amazingly moving experience to sit here and listen to you! We wish you happiness and the best of luck in the future - and hoping to see you on one of the big stages soon. (Remember to come back, also when you get bigger)
Love - Pernille & Nicolas

I was speechless. A wave or some kind of rolling feeling in my stomach filled me up with happiness - I can't even describe how it made me feel. Things like this make it all worth it. Writing songs is a strange thing, and you are constantly emotionally involved - sometimes it's a walk in the park to be a creating individual, sometimes it's really hard. I wish I knew who they were so I could tell them how much it meant to me right in that moment. Maybe they will read it here, who knows...

August 14th, 2013, Copenhagen, DK

'The Sudden Stop' live from Balcony TV Aarhus.

You can vote for my performance on the link below. I think you have to click the 'Vote' AND the 'Like' buttons. I'd appreciate if you did.

Vote for Esben at Balcony TV website

August 13th, 2013, Copenhagen, DK

Summer holidays are over. For once I took 4-5 weeks totally off. Unplugged all my studio equipment and took a well deserved music break. I haven't done that since... ehh... ever I think, but it was really amazing to do nothing but relax, see my family, have barbecues and campfires, and go on a road trips. I even had a phone-free week, where I turned off my phone, left it at home, and went into the woods with my friend Ash with large backpacks. All in all we walked approximately 30 kilometres and went by canoe for 45 kilometres. Back to nature, no plans at all, except moving further into the country and finding new places to put up the tent. Exactly what I needed!

From now on I'm gonna go pre-production for my debut album and then start recording it as soon as possible. Some of the songs are already starting to come together production-wise, but there is still a long way down there. I can't wait to go back to the countryside, it's a lot easier for me to stay focused and get shit done.

I know I promised to post my tour diaries from the German tour in May, and I guess this is just another example to why I'm a horrible blogger... I forgot it I guess, but you will find it below.

German Tour, May 2013

My German promoter, Jasmin and I went by train from Denmark to Lübeck and walked straight to the venue, 'Tonfink'. A nice lady behind the bar served us a cold German draft beer, and Elliott Smith was on the stereo - I felt like home.

At 7.30pm there were 5-10 people there, and I had no expectations at all. Actually I would be just fine playing in front of ten people, but the promoter pushed my show to 8.30pm and then all of a sudden the venue was packed. I didn't know if they were there to hang out and drink or there to hear some new music, but apparently the local newspaper and radio station had been hyping the show a bit, which made my evening and gave me a perfect start to my first German show and tour. Thank you for that Lübeck!

When we got to the hostel late at night, the key didn't work for the door... We found another entrance though but realized that somebody (let's call her Ms. Crankyhead) was sleeping in our room, so we just crashed in a random empty room and hoped we could sleep in... When we got up around noon the sun was shining high. I had a couple of sandwiches left from the day before, so we went outside to sit in the sun and have breakfast. It already felt like Summer and it was fantastic to be outside shirtless again.

We walked to the train station and boarded the train to Hamburg, where we switched to another train to Bremen. Jumped on a bus in the heart of Bremen, got out at our stop, and found ourselves right by our destination. A pretty idyllic street with pink petals on the sidewalk and small, neat houses.

I was performing at a private session held by, and they have this brilliant concept where they send out e-mails to their mailing list, and people can sign up for each show. I think around 30 or 40 people showed up, and the two connected living rooms were packed. Me at the end of one of the rooms, singing and playing totally unplugged - my first show without shoes, in woolen socks - comfy indeed.

My new friend, Benny (that I met during Melodica Festival) came and it was so nice to see him again. He told me that he wanted to start throwing concerts in Teheran eventually and that I should come and play there.

I couldn't believe how this tour was unfolding. I love traveling like that, meeting random people that become your new friends. Like André and Heike, the awesome couple behind - they seriously ARE awesome. Not only do they give upcoming artists a great opportunity to play in front of a mature and focused audience, but they also let you stay at their house. AND apparently they'd been living in Gothenburg in Sweden, where André used to work with Tallest Man on Earth and Idiot Wind (before she switched to her stage name) - how freaking cool is that?!? André gave me a copy of the first Tallest Man On Earth EP, which he had distributed in Germany. (I'm a big fan of TMOE by the way...)

We got out of bed around 8am and had breakfast with André and Heike while listening to Bruce Springsteen - a lovely start to the day. The weather was really nice and our bus didn't go before 2.30pm, so we decided to go and see some of Bremen. We went to the Schnoor quarter, had some really tasty German cake, and saw/heard a very special Glockenspiel that goes on three times a day. Then we went to a Sausage Bar, to get some German curry wurst. I think mine was called 'Himmel oder Hölle' or 'Call 911' or something like that. Hot as hell - delicious as hell.

Later on that day we went on to Cologne where I played another crowded show. Once again it was a mystery to me how come the venue was so packed... Some of them were fans of my former band, but there was also several people that thanked me for playing some specific songs of mine, the ones that they liked the best they said. I had never met them before, and that was a great feeling - to be in a new city and some people actually know my music.

Several people asked me why I was playing these small places instead of bigger venues, and I explained to them that I have to start somewhere and build it slowly, and that I actually like these intimate shows just as much (if not more) as playing in front of bigger audiences.

At songwriter shows in Germany they pass around a hat within the audience so the artist gets small "donations" from the people watching (if they like it I guess). From these three shows all me and Jasmin's transportation costs were covered by the audience - which was incredible! I was amazed, Germany - see you sooner than later!

June 22nd, 2013 - Copenhagen, DK


Thank you so much for being a part of the making of this video: my sister Ditte Svane, Lars Hauschildt Juul, Signe T.M. Bencke, Martin Fugl - and the beautiful girls in the video Isabella Vinther, Signe Jungløw, Camilla Fomsgaard Knudsen, Tine Lynggaard and Sofie Kinch. THANK YOU!

June 21st - Copenhagen, DK

DUBLIN SHOW CANCELLED I'm so sorry to tell you that I had to cancel my show at the YouBloom music conference in Dublin as I have to spend the time working on my debut album. I started recording a bit this week and I'm very excited to get deeper into the process!

May 20th, 2013 - Copenhagen

The music video for 'Girlfriends' was shot two weeks ago. It will be posted in the near future. The song is doing quite well on Danish radio at the moment... I can't wait to show you all the video.

May 16th, 2013 - On a bus to Düsseldorf, Germany

So, the first leg of my Danish tour is over and it couldn't have been better. It has been a hectic month as I have travelled a lot, back and forth... Supporting Sebastian Lind in Kolding in front of 150+ people, the intimate show at StudieStuen in Odense without any microphones or speakers, the show at Christiania supporting two of my good friends, and the three times I've visited Aarhus have all been great. It was my first time at SPOT Festival ever, and I'm really glad I got the chance to experience it from "inside". I feel so blessed being a part of an upcoming/indie scene with so many talented musicians and songwriters, so much potential - and the fact that so many of them are my friends... I felt like SPOT was a big get-together for all the people I know in the music business, and it was hard to get anywhere as there was a lot of catching up to do. A lot of my friends are doing great on the Danish music scene at this point, and it's such a thrill to watch and be aware of what is slowly starting to happen. We have all been striving to "get there" for years, and it's just fantastic to see what they are achieving these days.

Last weekend I was going to Aarhus again to play at Melodica International Songwriter Festival (known from several other places around the globe). In the train I sat down next to four girls with thick British accents. I had noticed the flightcases in the overhead luggage storage so I figured they were an English band - which they were, from Manchester. They were called 'PINS' and had a showcase in Aarhus at PopRevo the same evening as well... When I came to Aarhus I met Danny Kelleher from Ireland, which was great, since I will be playing in Dublin in late June and I don't know any people there. Danny told me that he could possibly hook me up with an extra show and a co-write or two, so we'll see if I'm going to post additional dates... I instantly made two new friends; Benny from Germany and Maria from Romania, who met each other while couch-surfing throughout Europe, and later paired up as a couple. Benny is living in a caravan and will soon be moving to Bucarest to live with Maria. They want to move to Teheran later on, so I got an open invitation to come to Bucarest and Teheran already. Awesome!

I saw two really good shows this evening. The first one, with my buddy 'Mixtune For Cully', who I supported at 'Spielplatz52' in April. He was performing with a full band this time and I really enjoyed the arrangements they'd put together. (Mixtune For Cully on Facebook) The second show, with 'Dad Rocks' - I was really impressed and inspired by his set and performance. He's got a very interesting style of playing the guitar and his voice went straight down my spine - so elegantly sung. Please check out my new Icelandic/Aarhusian friend here -> Dad Rocks on Facebook.

Next day I rushed to the train station as my sound check at Vesterbro Festival in Copenhagen was at 4pm (and I got to bed around 5am). When I walked past the central station in Copenhagen a couple of the girls from 'PINS' where sitting outside at a table. They were pretty hungover, had to kill a couple of hours in the city and asked me what to do/where to go, so I told them to go and get high at Christiania, and how to get there. One of the girls said to the other: "See! I told you that place existed!"

I played in a church on Vesterbro (part of town) where they'd made two stages and a bar. The young priest was introducing the bands while enjoying a cold beer (I like it when church is brought down to Earth again - thank you) The sound was amazing as in every church, when you're performing only with a voice and a guitar. I love singing in churches, as they are built to sing in... they just have the most amazing acoustics. I spent the rest of the evening and night with my friends from Mount Rushmore Safari and my booking agency.

The day after I played in Roskilde at Live Live Festival which was arranged by Bands of Tomorrow - a blog about Danish upcoming music. My friends from 'Harmonics' were playing right before me... I saw them once at Engelsholm and I instantly became a fan of their band and music. Since then we've been friends and they even attended my EP release party at KB18 in Copenhagen. Such sweet guys. (Harmonics on Facebook)

It was raining and I had to walk to the station. I got back to Copenhagen and I was totally exhausted, so I ended up staying home on a Saturday evening, eating Popcorn and watching Family Guy, not showing up at several parties that I was invited to... I don't know if I'm getting older or more boring maybe, but I'm definitely listening more to my body and being better to myself in general - which I am really happy about.

Thanks to everyone who made the first leg of my Danish tour a living dream! Kicking off second leg of the Danish tour at Jelling Musikfestival where I have performed every year since 2006 with different bands, but this will be my first time as a solo act, and I freaking can't wait!

May 10th, 2013 - Train to Copenhagen, DK

YES, the rumours are true - I'll be playing in Dublin at the end of June! I've been selected for Youbloom@Dublin which is a three-day festival in Dublin for upcoming music (June 28th-30th). I will try to set up as many shows as possible while I'm over there, so keep updated here on the blog. Check out YouBloom Official Website for info about the festival. Cheers!

May 2nd, 2013 - On the train to Aarhus, Denmark

Alright, obviously I'm the worst blogger ever... I was totally fixed on touring and living the moment, so I didn't find the time to sit down and update the blog. I know that's weak... but I'll try to update it more often from now on. If you feel like it, you can read my tour diary in retrospect below here:

Okay, so I was supporting Peter Katz in Kingston on March 12th... Peter is an amazing, lovely and lovable human being. His presence on stage, the vibe he created and his persona filled the room in Kingston that evening, and everybody seemed to leave the place inspired by his words, with a smile on their lips. I got a ride back to Toronto with him and we had plenty of time to talk about the life of being a touring artist. Peter plays 150+ dates a year so he knows how to make a serious relationship work at the same time, and it was so amazing to hear him talk about his wife, still being head over heels in love after ten years. I always had a hard time figuring out how I could make a relationship work out while being a busy artist, but he really got my hopes high. I was so thankful for meeting Peter and the way he opened his arms to a complete stranger. Please do check him out here -> Peter Katz Official Website - and if you get the chance to see him live, you should do so for sure. I'm sure he will inspire you as well.

I spent the next couple of days chilling in Toronto by my manager, Brian, and I finally got the chance to spend some time working on some of my sessions in Cubase, which I had missed hard. All of February I was focused on the release of 'The Sudden Stop', then we went to Malta with 'A Friend In London', and then I went to Canada and started touring... We hooked up with David Bottrill, who produced our album with AFIL, and it was so great to see him again. When you're working with a producer with a resumé like Dave's, you're just thankful for every single hour you have in the studio with him, and for me, it was so surreal to work with a person that produced and mixed albums like 'Lateralus' and 'Aenima' by Tool, just to mention a few. So I just tried to suck up as much knowledge as possible while we were in the studio.
Dave is such a great guy, and we always end up having interesting conversations on politics, religion, society etc... I have the deepest respect for him and when you realize that you're actually hanging out as friends, that's just amazing, yet sometimes hard to understand. He told me that the latest project he worked on was the mix of the 'Smashing Pumpkins - Live from Madison Square Garden' DVD. How crazy is that?!? I'm a huge Pumpkins fan, and it's a treat every time Dave breaks into an anecdote about Billy Corgan - or Maynard for that matter...

On Saturday 16th I was playing at the Aeolian Hall in London with Peter Katz and Ken Yates. Ken was actually also playing at the Kingston show, but this time he performed with his friend Brian Dunne from New York City, and their performance and sound reminded me of Simon & Garfunkel, and this time several of his songs hit me, and still sticks to my head. Hopefully his record will be out soon so I can hear some of those songs again. Check him out here -> Ken Yates Official Website
On the drive to London with Peter, I had a hard time figuring out which songs to play as I was only going to play three songs, but the Aeolian Hall immediately spoke to me when I walked into the room. I simply had to sing 'Anywhere In A Paper Boat' in that room (and I am glad I did). Unfortunately my iPhone was recently stolen in Copenhagen so I lost all the pictures from the tour, but check out the Aeolian Hall here -> Aeolian Hall - Such a perfect place for singing songs out loud! The venue was packed with interested listeners and it was pure pleasure opening this evening. On the drive back to Toronto with Peter, we spent the time playing tracks for each other and talking about literature, music, and life in general. Again, such an inspiring and lovely guy.

In the morning I was performing at 'Lake Affect' in Port Credit which was a bit different because it was St. Paddy's Day and everybody were all joyful and drinking beers from 11am. And since I'm not the joyful kind of performer, it was a pretty odd combo, but the promoter was very happy with my performance. Later on I hung out with my buddy Andy (who used to work at my management) and my very exuberant friend Paddy Jane (Yes, I learned a new word when me and my other friend Bryan was trying to figure out how to describe Paddy Jane in one word) and we partied at an Irish Pub where this crazy Irish party band was getting drunker and drunker, playing badder and badder. They opened the second set with the line: "THE BAND IS EVEN DRUNKER... AND THE AUDIENCE IS EVEN DRUNKER!!!". Horrible and lovely at the same time.

Canadian Music Week kicked off on Wednesday the 20th and my showcase was on that same evening at the Cameron House, an old venue with a lot of soul and patina. One of the excellent things about touring is meeting and discovering other/new songwriters and artists. Declan O' Donovan from Montreal was going to open the evening and I really enjoyed his set. The piano parts were seriously impressive, and it's hard to describe how it sounded when he played. Maybe like Tom Waits but more eccentric and with a twist of cabaret - and his voice reminded me of Tallest Man On Earth. So if you mix all that, you'll get a pretty cool combination, and maybe an idea of how Declan sounded. Check him out here -> Declan O'Donovan Official Website.
I was going to perform just before Rachel Sermanni from Scotland, who Peter Katz already had told me was absolutely amazing, as he had performed with her earlier in March. When I met her at the Cameron House she was like this graceful, little wood elf with the cutest accent and the most precious voice. She had the crowd totally spellbound and that's not hard to understand. Check her out for yourself -> Rachel Sermanni Official Website.

My good friend and German promoter, Jasmin flew over to hang out for a couple of days as she wanted to be a part of CMW, and then go to Montreal and NYC later on. I wanted to go to the Horseshoe Tavern and see Brendan Canning's (Broken Social Scene) band Cookie Duster, and my new friend from Toronto, Adaline had told me that she knew Brendan and that she wanted to introduce me to him. I was really, really excited to meet him as I've been a fan of BSS for almost ten years. The Horseshoe was packed, and after the show I walked around the venue and then suddenly bumped into Adaline and Brendan... "Oh, there you are! Brendan, this is my cute friend from Denmark, his name is Esben, he's a songwriter and artist, touring Ontario right now." >>Alright, Hey Esben, nice to meet you...<<, and then my jaws dropped... It has been so long since I've been that starstruck (and I have even met the Backstreet Boys). We had a nice little conversation, and I asked him if he wanted to do a co-write with me. He gave me his email address, and maybe at some point you will find his name in the liner notes of a future album of mine, who knows...

Friday was off-day for me and Brian. We needed rest and decided to stay home and chill with some good food and a movie.

Saturday I was supposed to see Danish band 'Efterklang' at the Mod Club, but they cancelled their show because one of the singers had caught an infection in his throat. Me and Jasmin went out to see my friends from Toronto based band 'Opopo' instead. Before they went on, we saw the weirdest performance by a band called 'Tupperware Remix Party'. They we're wearing jetpacks, animal masks, helmets and futuristic spandex space outfits, and stated that they were from the future but that they loved the 80's. However, they were great players and entertainers, so I actually enjoyed their set. YouTube them and you'll know what I'm talking about. I ended up at The Drake Underground with Paddy Jane, and Craig and Corey from 'Opopo'.

My Canadian brother, sound guy and booking agent, Brendan picked me up in Toronto on the Sunday and we went back to the Southwest... I met Brendan back in March 2010 when he was doing sound for AFIL in London, ON. Ever since he has been setting up tours, driving us around, doing sound, managing the life of the band on the road. He opened his and his family's home and hearts to me and the guys, and now he's doing it all once again for me as a solo artist... I can't describe how thankful I am for having met him. It's just one of those things that is totally random but makes perfect sense - we're both very aware of that. It is a beautiful thing that you can have such a close friend 5.000 kilometers away...

On Wednesday 27th I had a show in Brantford with my good friend, Canadian artist Sarah Smith, who I had been looking forward to support at this show at the Liquid Lounge. I was going to stay at her place in London for the night as we would come home late from the show, and we spent the afternoon having lunch and coffee with our friend Kevin Doyle who, like David Bottrill, is a producer with an insane resumé. Kevin is the guy that recorded and mixed 'Black Velvet' by Alannah Myles, and he's been working with Van Morrison, Kiss, Sinead O' Connor and many others. And again, when your'e having a conversation on music production with a guy like that, YOU LISTEN! He had many good comments on the mixes on The Sudden Stop EP, and a lot of great advice that I definitely can and will use when I kick off the recording and production of my debut album.
In the evening Sarah and I went to Brantford - an hour drive approximately, and when we entered the main room there was maybe five people hanging in the bar, probably because it was an early Wednesday evening. People showed up as a couple of hours went by, and when I played there was around 30 people there. A mid-aged man came up to me after the show and said: "Ehm... I wanna buy your CD. I never buy CD's from anybody, but I wanna buy yours... You can do whatever you want with that voice and the act you're pulling off!" It is still hard for me to understand that I've developed my singing skills to this point where people are really impressed and moved by the sound of my voice. I've always had low self-esteem, but I'm actually starting to believe that I can do some amazing things as a singer - however I am still getting used to the thought of being the singer and not the drummer...
Sarah was amazing on stage - she always is, and boy she shines! Her voice is so crisp and characteristic and it always sends several shivers down my spine when I hear her sing live. In the middle of the show she broke into the bridge section of a song with a sing-along part. I remember thinking: "Wow, that's so brave of her - probably not gonna happen..." - yet it did. Around 50 people there at this point and everybody was singing along - on a freaking Wednesday evening. After the show three random guys started packing Sarah's stuff and the speakers that we'd brought. They packed all our stuff in Sarah's van and they were all about being nice and helpful. I couldn't believe it. Maybe it was because it was a local show, but still, I don't think that it would've happened in DK.
An evening full of that Canadian vibe I really can't describe... but it's so awesome to be a part of it and feel it! Check out Sarah here -> Sarah Smith Official Website.

The day after I played at the Black Shire Pub in London, and it was so nice to see several of my local friends again. My friend Kate Cowan played right after me and she closed her set in a pretty cool way, walking around the crowd, playing and singing totally acoustic.
On Friday 29th I was going to play three sets at The Ale House in Strathroy. After the second set this guy in the fifties, who looked like Gene Simmons, looked directly at me and said (hoarse voice): "Hey! Can you play some AC/DC?!? You need to step up a bit man... I mean... you're doing a great job up there and I love your voice... but I'm gonna cry soon, man!" - I guess I'm not the joyful and entertaining kind of performer, haha.

On Saturday I had Easter dinner with my Canadian family and the day after, Brendan and I had lunch with Kevin Doyle before he dropped me off at London Coach Terminal. I took the Greyhound bus to Toronto and spent the evening/night at Bryan's (from Opopo) place in the Kensington area making music and sequencing sounds that we recorded.

On the last evening me and Brian (my manager) went out with David Bottrill and Andy Hawke for a couple of beers, so I got the opportunity to say goodbye... The two of us went back and chilled at Brian's apartment for the rest of the night. Brian has been telling me for years that I have a second home in Toronto... He is like an uncle to me, but more a great friend and my partner in crime. When you grow up you realize that age doesn't matter in friendships (or in love for that matter) and that it's such a beautiful thing.
All the opportunities that are coming my way and all the people I've met that I never would've met if he hadn't taken the chance and fly us over for NXNE back in 2009. Everything is coincidental and sometimes that's a scary fact, but there's definitely something extremely beautiful about it. Thank you Brian! ...and see you soon Canada, I love you!

March 12th, 2013 - Kingston, ON

So I woke up and got to the coach terminal in Toronto. The bus ride to Kingston took 3 hours approximately - it's funny how you can get across the country of Denmark in 3 hours, but here it feels like you don't get anywhere... I got off at the bus station in the outskirts of Kingston and asked for directions as I felt like walking into town... The lady at the counter told me that it would be a 45 min walk, and the idea of walking for that long with a guitar flightcase kinda killed my enthusiasm. Anyway, I got on a city bus that said "Downtown", but you had to pay with coins which I didn't have, so I jumped off again when the bus driver looked at me and said "Where are you from anyway?"... "Copenhagen" I replied. "Oh, so you're from outta town...", "Yeah..." I said. "Well jump on... Just remember to have coins on you the next time..."
- I love Canada!

I got off downtown, asked a lady for directions to Queen's University and headed that way... The sun was shining and it was so fresh outside. I couldn't help smiling and be happy about everything and especially this way of being on the road. Ever since I read 'On The Road' by Jack Kerouac it has been a dream for me to travel around on this side of the Atlantic, meeting new people, playing shows etc. and this is definitely the right way to do it - for me... All by myself with my guitar on a new page in the book...

I had to kill a couple of hours before I would meet up with Peter Katz and Ken Yates who I was supporting at Clark Hall Pub. I had the most retarded conversation with a guy at a hotdog stand because he misunderstood my order and kept saying that a sausage in a hotdog bread wasn't a hotdog because a hotdog was beef not pork... At last I got my "regular European hotdog" and walked around for a bit. There was a university bookstore right by the venue so I thought I'd check it out, because I've been looking for 'Naked Lunch' by William S. Burroughs for a while. Incredibly enough it was there and it was cheap. Furthermore they had used copies of 'Slaugtherhouse Five' by Kurt Vonnegut jr. and I really want to read it in English, so I ended up buying both books...

I have so much energy inside me and I am for sure prepared for sudden stops!

Kingston bus

March 8th, 2013 - Strathroy, ON

Five days ago I was behind the drumkit on a stage in front of 65.000 people on Malta. Yesterday I recorded drums in Beach Road Studios for a Canadian album, in beautiful surroundings in southwest Ontario. Tomorrow I'm kicking off my solo tour at The Black Dog in Bayfield and I seriously can't wait to get started over here! My body and mind is filled up with happiness for all the lovely people in my life and all the experiences coming my way. I'm truly thankful!

Beach Road Studios

February 18th, 2013 - Sejrup, Denmark

Back from DK release tour. The past four days have been totally surreal and I'm deeply moved by the support, feedback and love I got around the country! I'm so happy that the EP is finally out and I'm very thankful for all the positive reviews which you'll find by clicking the links below (Google Translate if you want to)! I can't wait to play more shows, tour abroad, and release a debut album at some point.

The reviews:

Bands of Tomorrow - 4/5
GAFFA - 4/6
Lydtapet - 4/6
Skopet - 4/5
Tjeck Magazine - 4/6

And finally, a review of my performance at the release show in Copenhagen:

Bands of Tomorrow - 5/5

T h a n k y o u ♥

Hi there!

My new EP 'The Sudden Stop' will be out on February 14th through Songcrafter Music and Fontana. I've been working on this EP for so long and I can't wait to show these songs to the world!

Until then you can watch the video for the first single and title track from the EP and maybe even buy it if you like.


"Do your thing..."

This specific solo project started at a castle from the 1500-century called Engelsholm back in October 2010. I got a scholarship for a songwriting course and it opened my eyes on several levels. I saw people use a specific three-finger-picking technique on the guitar and I instantly fell in love with that sound. I couldn't play the guitar like that at that point, but I still managed to write the songs for my first EP 'Always Travel Never Arrive'. I recorded and produced it myself in the small tower room I was living in during my stay. The EP was self-released on Bandcamp for free download and it was downloaded a 1.000 times or so...

While playing and touring full-time as a drummer for the commercial pop band 'A Friend In London' in 2011 I managed to write, produce, record, mix and master my second EP 'The Sudden Stop', spending most of my time getting drunk and stoned though. Maybe that's why it took me so long, I don't know, or remember for that matter... In general 2011 and 2012 are pretty blurry to me because of this tour into mainstream and alcohol problems and out again (and that's a long story of its own). To sum it up I dropped out of the band in September 2012 to pursue a solo carrier of my own. I moved back to the countryside and isolated myself for six months to write songs and to - tacky maybe, but very true - find myself again. I wanted to build this project from the bottom, the independent way, only relying on the music. My friend from way back had started working at a booking agency and liked the sound of my - at that time - forthcoming EP, so we decided to work together. Eventually he founded his own booking agency called Djepéta Music.
My other friend Roar had a small label (Songcrafter Music) that had only released 14 records at that point. We had a meeting with his partner, Martin, and I could feel it was the perfect match. Exactly how I wanted it to be - down-to-earth and all about the music (as the name of the label indicates)... I signed with Songcrafter in the Fall of 2012 and they re-released 'Always Travel Never Arrive' in December. My second EP 'The Sudden Stop' was released on February 14th, 2013. A line of really good reviews opened some doors and I played around 65 shows in 2013.

2014 was one long rollercoaster ride. Lots and lots of things to learn and work on. Profesionally as well as personally. I had already started the recording process of my debut album in the Summer of 2013 but there were just so many things for me to learn... Recording, producing and mixing an album is a mouthful, I knew that. But doing it all on your own was hard on so many levels. Constant ups and downs, and a lot to deal with on the personal side. I felt like deleting all the recordings every other week. I had to drag myself through it. It was a very important thing for me to do. Prove myself. And prove myself that I could do this. Make an album on my own.
That's why it's hard for me to understand (but great though) that it has come to this point, where it's going out and people are going to listen to it. And I am going to read about it in reviews. That's going to be strange... For me it's all about the process, and this process, considering all the downers, has been really good for me and helped me improve my skills and my mind. I hope you'll like the album. I did the best I could - honestly. Now I'm ready to take it to the next level.

This project is just as much about my progress as a human being as it's the progress and a story of, an emerging artist and producer.

The early days

I started on the piano when I was six years old, and the guitar when I was seven. The guitar teacher gave me a hard time because of my small fingers (which 7-year old kid doesn't have small fingers?), so I dropped the guitar after four or five lessons because I came home crying every time. I started on the drums at 8 and loved it. When I turned 14 I was very determined and decided to work hard towards a professional carrier as a drummer. I started practicing every day, and then I joined a local band who wrote their own material and we rehearsed two times a week. The next five years I played in so many bands I can't even remember... mainly bands that wrote their own songs.

In the third year of High School I wrote 5-7 songs for a project I called 'The Heartsleep Night Orchestra'. We only played two concerts - one of them at the legendary 'Aa Festival' which doesn't exist anymore (unfortunately). You can still find some demos on this link -> Heartsleep on Myspace

In 2006 I joined a band called 'Didium & The Black Bonnie Picture', and we recorded two EPs over a couple of years. The last one was named 'Bonnie Turned Black' and it's one of the things I've been a part of that I'm most proud of. You can still find/hear the songs as they are a part of the album 'Whimsical Beauty'. I play drums on the following tracks: 'Starry Eyes', 'Tell Me Tell Me', 'Twisted Way of Blues', 'Crushed', 'No Drive'.
Find 'Whimsical Beauty' HERE

Before I decided to go solo I did a ton of other shit, played in several other bands, played a ton of shows, but mostly spent my time in rehearsal spaces around the country. I studied drums at a preschool for the Music Conservatory and started rehearsing six hours a day - on bad days, three hours a day. I even came in 2nd in Danish Youth Jazz Competition 2010 with the fusion band 'Wake Up Jacob' -> Wake Up Jacob on Myspace

I joined a band called 'Den Fjerde Væg' (The Fourth Wall) and was their drummer for a couple of years. We recorded the EP, 'Alle Vinkler I Samme Retning' (All Angles In The Same Direction) which was praised in several reviews. They are still playing but in another constellation. You should check them out -> Den Fjerde Væg on Facebook

In the Summer of 2010 I was asked by two friends to drum on an EP they wanted to record. We rehearsed a couple of times and I helped arrange and produce the songs. Then we went to the countryside and recorded for a couple of days. They mixed the EP themselves, named the band 'Ulige Numre' (Uneven Numbers), got signed by Danish label 'Auditorium', and is now one of the most hyped Danish rock bands. Check them out here -> Ulige Numre official website

Always Travel Never Arrive

Self-released on January 30th, 2011. Re-released by Songcrafter Music on December 20th, 2012 - Buy on iTunes HERE.

All songs written, produced and recorded at Engelsholm Castle by Esben Svane

Except 'Stuck In The Race', written by Esben Svane, Danny Malone and Roar Amundsen.

Additional vocals on 'Now You Only Get Ill' by Ida Wenøe

Mastered by Mikael Elkjaer

Photos taken and edited by Per Worm

Cover layout by David Helth

When Your True Self Disclosed

When your true self disclosed
your tone of speech changed
When your true self disclosed
could tell that it would leave
some of us behind

Literally you've become
a shallow girl to me
Literally you've become
a shallow girl to me

The fancy books you read
took you to Berlin
busy and content
state-of-the-art country girl

Literally you've become
a shallow girl to me
Literally you've become
a shallow girl to me

Stuck In The Race

How long, how long
have I been stuck in this race
How long, how long
have I been stuck in this race
He has been keeping me down
with his wicked behaviour
but no one can know what he has done to me

But I'd rather decay than resign
can't look forward, don't want to rewind

How long, how long
have I been stuck in this race
How wrong, how wrong
have I been up to this day
Still I can't seem to move on
from any of these days
but I know, I know
that something should change

The Misdeed

Now you get back on your feet
far away from the misdeed
You think it's your fault
you got hurt - he is ill
He loves you and wants you back
but it's not the truth
He just wants to repress
all the good things you possess
and it's not your fault

It's not your fault - not at all!


in sticky running shoes
on the pretext
for doing nothing
glaring red
bloodshot eyes

Used to watch the kids
play 'round till it's dark.
didn't get the wake up call
quite in time
but you got out
and don't get back
no way, no way, no way..

"It's so strange waking up
with a fresh feeling
that I wouldn't trade for gold
time is money but I ignore
the price tags on my acts
haven't got the guts to gamble and
I don't need no lovey-dovey blinders"

"Usually I'm hit
by a rapid-fire Cupid
and the cost of his ignorance he shall recoup
for playfully breaking down my fences
following me around and
ravaging my senses so
he must pay, pay.."

Out of range now..

A little less enthusiastic than ever before
talking too much
about everything or nothing at all

Rattlebrain! Rattlebrain..

You clearly have a problem
which is emphasized hungover
you like yourself too much when you are drunk
and too little when you're sober

"Always tempted to give in
cause my subversive cravings
are killing time
like a genocide
but recently I've started to recall
forgotten memories
I look sharp now and stay focused"

Used to watch the kids
play round till it's dark.
in a rush back home to things
you knew too well,
you fed from it
didn't get the wake up call
quite in time
but you got out
and don't get back

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

The Old Gazebo

Race for the gold with a flashlight
talk it out with your walls at night
they've been watching you
for quite some time
and you didn't even know..

Until they suddenly were screaming:

"Don't hit the breaks at the stoplights!
You shouldn't worry 'bout the outcome?
You are already driving way too fast
and you didn't even know!"

"Go change the color of your blue eyes,
something around here is just too right!
Have you been drinking again?
- You seem a bit lightheaded
The drugs are wearing off
and you didn't even know
they were handing out placebo"

>> Have I had amnesia?
a picture of some random pedestrian
sticks to my head
and I can't think of anything else
- very inappropriate right now! <<

"You forget everything every minute now
it's hard to keep track with a diary
full of empty pages..
No, you can't ever tell
if you've been running in circles"
v >> I'll head up to the old gazebo
for a better view
This is the most realistic deja-vu! <<

>> Have I had amnesia?
a picture of some random pedestrian
sticks to my head
and I can't think of anything else
- very inappropriate right now! <<

"Could be placebo
a mind trick that ignited
and you wouldn't even know..

Now You Only Get Ill (Forest)

Forest, forest
in a land of grey
Forest you need rest
carrying the weight
of the snow..

And you never fought for much
could pull up your roots
you used to get wiser
now you get ill

Forest, forest
did someone start a fire?
should be impossible
yet you look burned out
oh so burned out..

Have you ever thought about
the fact that you stand still?
you have all the time
that you have to kill

It's hurting me you're ill
It's hurting me you're ill
It's hurting me you're ill

Have you ever thought about
the fact that you stand still
you used to get wiser
now you only get ill

Forest, forest
in a land of grey


If somebody asks
'bout your future plans
tell them you will quit
your dayjob and delete
your social network profiles
move back to your parents house

I know you have
exactly what it takes
'cause I've seen you bang
your head against the wall
too many times

Tell them you want to be
a woodpecker
and do your thing..

Do your thing..

The Sudden Stop

Released on Songcrafter Music, Februar 14th, 2013 - Buy on iTunes HERE

All songs written by Esben Svane except 'This Is Tracey', lyrics written by Esben Svane, music written by Esben Svane & Jonas Villumsen.

All songs played, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Esben Svane at his home studio in Sejrup and Copenhagen.

Photos by Jacob Schou

Cover layout by David Helth

The Sudden Stop

There's a couple of things
that I think you should think about
clearly there's no doubt
'Cause there's a couple of strings
that they think you could try to pull
they nearly wanna shout /

Then you hear it in the crowd;
"Go push the odd man out!"
And all the people shout;
"Why don't you work it out?!?"

You could be one of those
the doctor he would diagnose
- trust a yellow pill
Well it ain't easy when
you don't believe in medicine
- wouldn't do you well

Then you hear it in the crowd;
"Go push the odd man out!"
And all the people shout;
"Why don't you work it out?!?"

You could be one of those
that always step on someones' toes
according to them all
But when you jump off a chimneytop
what kills you is the sudden stop
will never be the fall

Then you hear it in the crowd:
"Now watch your filthy mouth!"
And all the people shout:

Well.. all the people are deceiving you
- you can't fight it!
Full offense, they will be screaming too
and you can't fight it!
and all the news they are leaving you

Then you hear it in the crowd:
And all the people shout:
There's a couple of things
that I think you should think about
clearly there's no doubt

Anywhere In A Paper Boat

I know you're thinking
that I don't even care
why so unaware?
We would be sinking
with this paperboat I built
'cause there aint room enough for my will

I'm just a flower child
withering away from you
Time must tame the wild
but I aint ready no

I honestly
think you forget again
what's odd in me
and that I never wanna change

And you haven't even realized
I went into the great divide
following the fluid light
on a trail upon the tide

No you haven't even realized
I went into the great divide
following the fluid light, as I say:
"Don't put your hopes in my heart!"

Without blinking;
there's nothing I regret
when I think of it
While you're still thinking
that I want a love affair
I don't.. 'cause you get stuck there

Think about it for a while
I sway like a little child
and don't trade gold for shit
so you can't get away with it

I honestly
think you forget again
what's odd in me
and that I never wanna change

And you haven't even realized
I went into the great divide
following the fluid light
on a trail upon the tide
No you haven't even realized
I went into the great divide
following the fluid light, as I say:
"Don't put your hopes in my heart!"
"Don't put your hopes in my heart!"

Maybe my heart is a shipwreck
Maybe my heart is a shipwreck
Maybe my heart is a shipwreck

You haven't even realized
I went into the great divide
following the fluid light
on a trail upon the tide

No you haven't even realized
I went into the great divide
following the fluid light, as I say:
"Don't put your hopes in my heart!
Don't put your hopes in my heart!"

Maybe my heart is a shipwreck
but I'm going anywhere in a paper boat I've built


I'd love to show you how the city spins
sitting around the neighborhood and drink
and show you all the places I have been
I've been around..

And I can reassure you I am real
I'd love to sit and tell you how I feel
Understand me please I hope you will
I hope you will..

I'd love to read the story of your life
I'd love to weep and comfort by your side
I'd love to mute the voices in my head
telling me to quit and leave instead
it's not that I don't want to be with you
it's all about the things I have to do

Shame on me..
Shame on me..

I'd love to show you how the city spins
sitting around the neighborhood and drink
I'd love to sit and tell you how I feel
understand me please I hope you will

Shame on me..
Shame on me..

I'd love to read the story of your life
I'd love to weep and comfort by your side
I'd love to mute the voices in my head
telling me to quit and leave instead
it's not that I don't want to be with you
it's all about the things I have to do
it's not that I don't want to be with you
it's all about the things I have to do

I wish that I could rearrange my head
I wish that I would want this to be it
I wish that I would want this to be it
I wish you all the best
I wish you all the best
I wish you all the best

This Is Tracey

This is three messages from my answering machine in late 2011. I dedicate this song to Tracey Wilson - if that even is her real name..

"Hey, this is Tracey.. I normally..
I normally don't call you
you know that.. you know that..
I just need someone to talk to
cuz I'm about to lose my mind
My mom passed away last night
so I'm just trying to.. just trying to..
I'm trying to get answers
and I'm not getting one from you"

"and that's the ONE thing I don't understand right now
it's driving me mad right now
- a bunch of other things of course"
(*giggles: "Haha..")

"I'm not normally this weird I know
It's all that, but God knows - please tell me why?!?
- Please! You owe me something, maybe something right
and you're an idiot right now, I gotta go, goodbye.."

"Hey it's me again
I've been out of my my head
I don't mean to take it out on you
Don't want you to be paranoid
Don't want you to be scared of me
I just wanna know what's wrong with you
I don't know why.. don't know why.."

"I don't know why I need this resolution in you
I would try to move on if I had a clue..
Please! Just let us talk about it , okay?
Let us talk about it..
Please just let us talk about it..
Okay, let us talk for hours!"

"I just need 7 minutes of your time and then I'm done
I don't mean to scare you - you know that.. I don't...
And I babble like a moron when I talk to a machine
I'm sorry - Talk to you soon"

"Okay, I'm being stupid now and I'm sorry,
Hey - Sorry I've been stupid okay(?)
You don't have the time to chat
It doesn't work like that.. I'll consider you a former friend
and you can do the same
and call me if you like - you're right;
I'm gonna go away and stop bothering you"

"It just felt right and maybe.. I don't know..
something was different about you..
Maybe cuz you reminded me so much of
someone that I once knew.."

"Take care of yourself,
Take care of yourself"

"I won't call you anymore - I'm sorry okay?
I can't say that enough!!!
I wish you all the best okay
and all that wonderful stuff"

"It's a girl emotion - gotta help me
I don't know know
what to say - I'm babbling
but thank you for everything though!"

The World Below My Feet

Tell me what's going on
what planet are we on?
I feel like an alien
that wants to leave again
but tell me what's going on
what planet am I from?

There's a secret in between
my body and my brain
a restless state of mind
is leaving me behind

Constantly I fly around the streets
at midnight
Constantly high and doing weed
in the street light
I can't deny that's how I keep
connecting with the world below
the world below my feet
Connecting with the world below my feet
the world below my feet

Tell me what's going on
what man have I become?
The days are shorter
so I stay up with alcohol
Tell me what's going on
what man have I become?

There's a secret in between
my body and my brain
A restless state of mind
is leaving me behind
A loneliness inside
a beast that I can't fight

Constantly I fly around the streets
at midnight
Constantly high and doing weed
in the street light
I can't deny that's how I keep
connecting with the world below
the world below my feet
Connecting with the world below my feet
the world below my feet

The Radar Post

Released on Nordic Music Society, April 20th, 2015. Relased in Germany, February 27th, 2016.

Stream and/or buy HERE

This album was recorded and mixed at my parents’ place in the countryside, in their cabin by the water, in my apartment in Copenhagen and in Engelsholm Castle.

Produced and mixed by Esben Svane

Mastered by Mikkel Gemzøe at Varibeat

String arrangements by Esben Svane

Music and lyrics by Esben Svane except:

Nothing’s Holding You Back: music and lyrics by Esben Svane, Marius Ziska, Ingvild Skjeldal Waage, Dominic Oppliger

Undercover: lyrics by Esben Svane and CS Nielsen

Traces: music and lyrics by Esben Svane and Myrra Rôs

Esben Svane: Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, piano, organ, percussion, blues harp
Marius Ziska: Keyboards on Nothing’s Holding You Back
Kasper Nissen: Bass on Wear Your Head Off
Aske Damm Bramming: Bass on You Got My Back
Andreas Lassithiotakis: Double bass on Sweater
Maria Jagd: Violin & cello on Foreword and Duck Valley
Jennifer Frydensbjerg Lehmann: Flute on Duck Valley
Niss Stricker: Harp on Get Up! Get Out!
Thomas Thy Ladogfed Christensen, Jeppe Wojcik, Lasse Bjerre Jørgensen: Sailor choir on Get Up! Get Out!

Cover artwork by David Helth Jepsen
Cover photos taken by Esben Svane


98' around fifth grade, the coward I was - so afraid - all the tricks that I would pull, around the city after school. The teens kicked in and oh my God, I really do believe I tried. Then I started thinking hard about the purpose of my life. I didn't care a shit about all the fuckers in my crowd. All they did; surrounded me with techno beats and Ecstasy. I knew there was a better place for me to go and then erase the parts of me I didn't like, and likewise with the memories of bullies that were once my friends and all of their wicked games, along with all the stupid things that I've regret ever since. Then High School came like gravity and nailed me to a wooden seat with mathematics, chemistry and physics - oh the travesty. I swear I didn't like it much yet thankful for the friends I got. Oh, all the times I thought about how I would soon be moving out. Following my biggest dream, was drumming on the music scene. As happy as I'd ever been - still searching for the peace within. And odd indeed - a twist of fate - and suddenly a chance to take. Sometimes you should break a leg - that's exactly what I did. And so I moved back to the countryside and wrote a record about my life. Now traveling the world alone. Dreams are too important to postpone!

Nothing’s Holding You Back

Grab your shoes and run away. The path will follow every step you take - take you anywhere. I can tag along if you like me to, let's just go somewhere. Nothing’s holding you back. There are voices in the wind, begging you to stay on the track you say, but you never sing. Something’s holding you back. Though it's long ago, I still remember the day you said: "Let's go away and find ourselves astray” Let the drums drive you away. The city is the target and you can't stay, you just wanna play. But there are many things you will learn out there so just be aware - now there's no way back. Grab your shoes and run away. The path will follow every step you take - take you anywhere. I can tag along if you like me to, let's just go somewhere. Nothing’s holding you back.


Too late to raise the bar. I think you know you've pushed it way too far. I can't live inside a jar. There I'd turn to dust. Sorry but I just don't want to be what you wish for me. I’m just a stupid insect, so don't drag me into your conflict. Don’t drag me into your conflict. There I'd turn to dust. Sorry but I just never bother when I flutter. You look like a flower in my eyes. Cos I'm like a butterfly, a lazy bug you thought that you would like, and you look like a flower in my eyes. But I'm a bug without a soul, an easy fuck you thought you could control. You wanna keep what you adore, but you were the one that didn't close the door and I'm free to go explore. I’m free to go explore... Never could I tell... never could I tell, an undercover insect lover. You look like a flower in my eyes. Cos I'm like a butterfly, a lazy bug you thought that you would like, and you look like a flower in my eyes. But I'm a bug without a soul, an easy fuck you thought you could control. An easy fuck you thought that you would like. An easy fuck you thought would work out fine. An easy fuck you thought that you would try.

Wear Your Head Off

You haven't really got it all figured out, but you are craving for something you're not aware of, so you keep waiting. Get up from your bedspread. Plug out your mind game device. You’re a such a horrible game player. On most nights set to rush out in the streets before you wear your head off. Oh I bet you rush out in the streets before you wear your head off. Shaking your bones to the limit of excitement. Shaking your head cos you badly need enlightenment. You haven't really got it all figured out, but you are craving for something you're not aware of, so you keep waiting. Get up from your bedspread. Plug out your mind game device. You’re a such a horrible game player. On most nights set to rush out in the streets before you wear your head off. Oh I bet you rush out in the streets before you wear your head off. Most likely you would rather wear a funny hat than wear your head off. And you can hear a voice calling your name across the town. Aren’t ready to... ready to settle down. You can leave the mess and move without a sound, but you can't climb the trees without the risk of falling down, down, down... Get up from your bedspread. Let your head have some ice. It’s such a glorious device. Oh I bet you rush out in the streets before you wear your head off. Most likely you would rather wear a funny hat than wear your head off. Oh I bet you rush out in the streets before you wear your head off. Wear your head off!


You're not what you used to be. You’re no good around me. It’s odd that I don't see where you have been driving me. I hate how I'm always so hopelessly drawn to you and the ways you mislead me. But I know myself far to well… As I say we're through, I find myself next to you, and in my veins a trace of you. As I say we're through, I find myself right next to you, and in my veins a trace of you. Always... traces of you. Always traces of you. All these traces of you. Always… You're not what you used to be. You always deceive me.

You Got My Back

All the people in the street, Copenhagen choking me. As cynical as I can be, a battle with a side of me. All the way it's worth a try. I’m haunted by an image of you crying. We are strong and love is pitiless around the heavy bottlenecks. As open-minded as I can be or maybe I'm just so naive. Like the color of my eyes. Well, you can't blame me for trying. You - you got my back. And I - I am back. I am back, close to mind and far from town - reality is hailing down... All the time I spend in bed, well I could spend on you instead. And I don't need no parachute, I want to hit the solid ground, I want to hit the solid ground! When trying to enjoy the fall, I can hear a distant call. The demons are ahead of me but maybe I can set them free. My parents taught me to be strong. Tell me if I got it wrong, tell me if I got it wrong! You - you got my back. And I - I am back at recreation lab. You got my back!


Brother, I think about just checking out again. I could use a friend if you can comprehend. I will be tearing my head apart to put it back together. And I will pick up a brand new start and wear it as a sweater. I'll be sitting back home with my mom, just looking at the weather. And I will think of a grand real love and then I'll go and get her. It is time to change and rearrange our lives, don't you think? Oh, so many things I want to shout! But just suck it in… I will be tearing my head apart to put it back together. And I will pick up a brand new start and wear it as a sweater. I'll be sitting back home with my mom, just looking at the weather. And I will think of a grand real love and then I'll go and get her. Just chasing some reason in the change in the season. So strange, when you lose control, you don't lose at all.

Cooking Up Something

Don't give up bro. You shouldn't sob so. Keep looking for something out there instead. I know you're cooking up something behind that forehead. You're sorting out all the shit you don't need. You don't need no recipe to be cooking up something - cooking up something this year. Try and take a byway to get closer to the truth you need to know. If you take the highway I bet you will learn that your eyes will burn when they'll be looking for something - looking for something out there. They will be sorting out all the shit you don't need. You don't need no recipe to be sorting out all the shit that you don't need. You don't need no recipe to be cooking up something - cooking up something this year. Try and take a byway to get closer to the dream you've set aglow. If you take the highway you should make that turn… Now your mind will burn. It is cooking up something - cooking up something this year. Keep looking for something - looking for something out there.

Duck Valley

Do you recognize me on the hill? I thought I'd find ease in these fields… I went along the city streets but all I found was a fight. I’m not as strong as anyone but stronger than some in my mind. I know you heard the sound echo in the woods. You felt it in the ground - I shake your roots. The traffic in my head is slowly breaking up again. Bless, my wooden friend. While the late winter breeze bites my face, I feel some things change around this place. Can you recognize me? I can again… I think I belong here with you my friend. I went along a thin white line but all I found was a lie. I'm not as strong as anyone but stronger than some in my mind. I know you heard the sound echo in the woods. You felt it in the ground - I shake your roots. The traffic in my head is slowly breaking up again. Bless, my wooden friend.

Rush of Fame

In the window I can see a boy. He’s staring right at me. I think he's mad at me… but I'm going on and that's why I feel that this illusion isn't real. This illusion isn't real! Slowly recovering from two years' rush of fame, and I think I lie when I say: "I'm still the same”. Oh, the rush of fame took me all the way out there. Now I call your name because I need you here. Boy, boy, little boy - my little boy is gone now somehow… Slowly recovering from two years' rush of fame, and I think I lie when I say: "I'm still the same”. Oh, the rush of fame took me all the way out there. Now I call your name because I need you here.

Get Up! Get Out!

It's in the air… It’s everywhere the wind blows. And it begins… sitting in your hair - it's everywhere. The wind blows my way and I pretend we could be friends on some higher level. And I can hardly hear a sound - you knocked me out in first round. You knocked me so hard it still hurts. Only sustaining are your words: We can make it so much better than they tell us if we try. There’s a spark igniting somewhere in my chest and in my eyes, so get up, get out, make it better - I don't want to be alone. We can make it so much better instead of staying home. It's only fair that I declare war on your world, and I will lose just to prove that we are equal in my eyes. And I believe... I believe we have achieved some kind of deeper meaning. The precious thing that you have found has got you strongly spellbound. Now you can't hear their silly words. Forget the ones you have heard and hear me singing: We can make it so much better than they tell us if we try. There’s a spark igniting somewhere in my chest and in my eyes, so get up, get out, make it better - I don't want to be alone. We can make it so much better instead of staying home.


Tour dates

Past dates

WED 04 MAY - Engelsholm, DK
SAT 30 APR - Huset, Esbjerg, DK (w/ Marius Ziska)
THU 28 APR - Det Færøske Hus, Copenhagen, DK (w/ Marius Ziska)
WED 27 APR - Dexter, Odense, DK (w/ Marius Ziska)
FRI 22 APR - Lido, Berlin, DE (w/ Jonas Alaska)
SAT 09 APR - Næstved Bibliotek, Næstved, DK
FRI 01 APR - Flöz-K, Werne, DE
THU 31 MAR - Herzblut Bar, Hannover, DE
WED 30 MAR - Aaltra, Chemnitz, DE
SAT 05 MAR - Bygningen, Vejle, DK (w/ Virgin Suicide)
SAT 27 FEB - Walthers Musikcafé, Skanderborg, DK (w/ Virgin Suicide)
WED 03 FEB - uKirke, Copenhagen, DK
THU 28 JAN - K15, Copenhagen, DK


WED 16 DEC - Tonfink, Lübeck, DE
TUE 15 DEC - The Wild Geese, Hannover, DE
MON 14 DEC - Living room concert, Hildesheim, DE
SUN 13 DEC - SIKS, Frankfurt, DE
FRI 11 DEC - Reinraum, Düsseldorf, DE
WED 09 DEC - Det Økologiske Inspirationshus, Copenhagen, DK
WED 25 NOV - Benefit Show @ Vostrup Efterskole, DK
WED 28 OCT - Engelsholm, DK
SAT 17 OCT - Dexter, Odense, DK (w/ Marius Ziska) WED 14 OCT - HUSET-KBH, Copenhagen, DK
SAT 10 OCT - Sintjacobs Kapel, Muziekpodium Get U, Nijmegen, NL
THU 08 OCT - Give Kulturhus, Give, DK
SAT 26 SEP - Private show, Tommerup, DK (w/ Per Worm & Roar Amundsen)
FRI 11 SEP - Stakladen, Aarhus, DK
THU 10 SEP - Walthers Musikcafé, Skanderborg, DK (w/ Ida Wenøe)
SAT 29 AUG - Snoghoj Festival, Fredericia, DK
SAT 22 AUG - Walker Festival, Middelfart, DK
THU 30 JUL - Pumpehusets Byhave, Copenhagen, DK
SAT 04 JUL - Metropool, Hengelo, NL
FRI 05 JUN - Posten, Odense, DK
THU 28 MAY - Thyregod Kursuscenter, Thyregod, DK
SAT 02 MAY - SPOT Festival (HeadQuarters), Aarhus, DK
FRI 01 MAY - Sway Bar, Aarhus, DK (w/ Whyte, Morgan Square)
SAT 07 FEB - Ideal Bar, Copenhagen, DK (w/ The Attic Sleepers)
THU 15 JAN - KB18, Copenhagen, DK (w/ The Entrepreneurs, Morgan Square)


SAT 29 NOV - Analog Bar, Copenhagen, DK
FRI 10 OCT - Walker, Middelfart, DK
THU 07 AUG - Smukfest, Skanderborg, DK
WED 06 AUG - Pumpehusets Byhave, Copenhagen, DK (w/ Chamber Junkie)
SAT 21 JUN - Midsommer Festival, Præstoe, DK
FRI 13 JUN - KabelSalat, Wismar, DE
FRI 30 MAY - Jelling Musikfestival, DK
WED 28 MAY - Gir Keller, Cologne, DE
FRI 16 MAY - Bygningen, Vejle, DK (w/ The Great Dictators)
THU 15 MAY - Det Bruunske Pakhus, Fredericia, DK (w/ The Great Dictators)
FRI 09 MAY - Nytorv, Copenhagen, DK
FRI 02 MAY - SPOT Festival, Aarhus, DK (w/ Nordklang Sessions)
THU 01 MAY - Engelsholm, DK (w/ Nordklang Sessions)
TUE 29 APR - Walther's Musikcafé, Skanderborg, DK
SAT 26 APR - HUSET, Copenhagen, DK
FRI 11 APR - Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, CPH, DK (w/ Jonas Villumsen & Harmonics)
TUE 01 APR - Private show, Vonge, DK
SAT 29 MAR - Walker, Middelfart, DK (w/ Echo Me)
THU 20 FEB - Teater Momentum, Odense, DK
SAT 15 FEB - Pfalzkeller, St. Gallen, Switzerland (w/ Nordklang Sessions)
FRI 14 FEB - Lokremise, St. Gallen, Switzerland (w/ Nordklang Sessions)
THU 13 FEB - KUL-TOUR auf Vögelinsegg, Speicher, Switzerland (w/ Nordklang Sessions)


THU 19 DEC - Islands Brygge Kulturhus, Copenhagen, DK (w/ Paper Tigers)
MON 09 DEC - Meininger, Vienna, Austria
SAT 07 DEC - Meininger, Salzburg, Austria
FRI 06 DEC - Meininger, Munich, Germany
THU 05 DEC - Meininger, Berlin, Germany
WED 04 DEC - Meininger, Hamburg, Germany
TUE 03 DEC - Hörsaal, Hamburg, Germany
MON 02 DEC - Meininger, Amsterdam, Holland
SAT 30 NOV - Meininger, Brussels, Belgium
FRI 29 NOV - Meininger, Frankfurt, Germany
THU 28 NOV - Meininger, Cologne, Germany
WED 27 NOV - Hard Rock Cafe, Cologne, Germany
TUE 26 NOV - Laserbühne 3000, Mannheim, Germany
MON 25 NOV - Hard Rock Cafe, Munich, Germany
SUN 24 NOV - Hard Rock Cafe, Berlin, Germany
SAT 23 NOV - PPZK Songwriterfestival, Leipzig (w/ Peter Piek, And The Golden Choir)
FRI 22 NOV - PPZK Songwriterfestival, Dresden (w/ Peter Piek, And The Golden Choir)
WED 20 NOV - Private show, Rosenheim, Germany
TUE 19 NOV - Engelsholm, DK (w/ Peter Katz)
TUE 05 NOV - Bazar Vest, Aarhus, DK (w/ Jammin')
THU 12 SEP - Newbees Night, Studenterhuset, Aarhus, DK (w/ Malte Ebert)
MON 09 SEP - Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen, DK (w/ Strand of Oaks)
TUE 03 SEP - Songwriters In A Box, Holstebro, DK
TUE 27 AUG - Walther's Musikcafé, Skanderborg, DK (w/ Malte Ebert)
THU 22 AUG - H.C. Andersen Festival, Odense, DK
SAT 03 AUG - Sunn Festival, Cph, DK (w/ Harmonics, Echo Me, Mixtune For Cully a.o.)
SAT 20 JUL - Boring Festival, DK
FRI 12 JUL - Lido Caféen, Vejle, DK
THU 27 JUN - Krogerup Folk High School, DK (w/ Roar Amundsen)
SAT 15 JUN - Café Von Hatten, Randers, DK (w/ Boho Dancer)
FRI 07 JUN - Lido Caféen, Vejle, DK
THU 30 MAY - Give Kulturhus, Give, DK
FRI 24 MAY - Jelling Musikfestival, DK
SAT 18 MAY - Studenterhuset, Copenhagen, DK (w/ The Minds of 99)
FRI 17 MAY - Weltempfänger Café, Cologne, Germany
WED 15 MAY - Wohnzimmer showcase for, Bremen, Germany
TUE 14 MAY - Tonfink, Lübeck, Germany
SAT 11 MAY - Live Live Festival, Roskilde, DK (w/ Harmonics, Asbjorn a.o.)
FRI 10 MAY - Vesterbro Festival, Copenhagen, DK
THU 09 MAY - Melodica International Songwriter Festival, Aarhus, DK (w/ Dad Rocks a.o.)
SAT 04 MAY - OFF SPOT @ SPOT Festival, Aarhus, DK
FRI 03 MAY - BlueSpot @ SPOT Festival, Aarhus, DK
SAT 27 APR - Christianias Boerneteater, Copenhagen, DK (w/ Danni Elmo & Laurits Emanuel)
THU 25 APR - StudieStuen, Odense, DK
SAT 20 APR - V58, Aarhus, DK (w/ Temple & Jørck)
THU 18 APR - Pitstop, Kolding, DK (w/ Sebastian Lind)
SAT 13 APR - Spielplatz 52 @ Studenterhuset, Copenhagen, DK (w/ Mixtune For Cully a.o.)
FRI 29 MAR - The Ale House, Strathroy, ON, Canada
THU 28 MAR - The Black Shire Pub, London, ON, Canada (w/ Kate Cowan)
WED 27 MAR - Liquid Lounge, Brantford, ON, Canada (w/ Sarah Smith)
SAT 23 MAR - Marriott Hotel Lounge, CMW, Toronto, ON, Canada
WED 20 MAR - Cameron House, CMW, Toronto, ON, Canada (w/ Rachel Sermanni a.o.)
SUN 17 MAR - Lake Affect, Port Credit, ON, Canada
SAT 16 MAR - Aeolian Hall, London, ON, Canada (w/ Peter Katz & Ken Yates)
TUE 12 MAR - Clark Hall Pub, Kingston, ON, Canada (w/ Peter Katz & Ken Yates)
SAT 09 MAR - The Black Dog, Bayfield, ON, Canada
FRI 22 FEB - Klædeskaberiet, Odense, DK
SUN 17 FEB - EP release @ Engelsholm, DK
SAT 16 FEB - EP release @ Kulisselageret, Horsens, DK (w/ Roar Amundsen a.o.)
FRI 15 FEB - EP release @ Stardust Café, Aarhus, DK (w/ Nanna Schannong)
THU 14 FEB - EP release @ KB18, Copenhagen, DK (w/ Jonas Villumsen & Ida Bach)
THU 17 JAN - Café Retro, Copenhagen, DK
WED 16 JAN - Blaagaards Apotek, Copenhagen, DK
SAT 12 JAN - FairBar, Aarhus, DK (w/ Simon Deer)


SUN 16 DEC - Sofa Sessions @ Soupanatural, Copenhagen, DK (w/ Kjartan Bue)
FRI 07 DEC - Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen, DK (w/ Temple, Blaue Blume a.o.)
WED 05 DEC - Midtjysk Efterskole, Ejstrupholm, DK
WED 21 NOV - Give Kulturhus, Give, DK
SAT 17 NOV - Gyngen, Aarhus, DK (w/ Simon Deer, The Giant Youth a.o.)
TUE 13 NOV - Godset, Kolding, DK
WED 31 OCT - Snoghoej Hoejskole, Fredericia, DK
WED 17 OCT - Tjili Pop, Copenhagen, DK
TUE 02 OCT - V58, Aarhus, DK (w/ Jens-Ulrik Kleemeyer)
THU 13 SEP - Charly's Pub, Vejle, DK (w/ Malte Ebert)
WED 05 SEP - Tjili Pop, Copenhagen, DK
WED 06 JUN - The Log Lady, Copenhagen, DK
THU 29 MAR - Christianias Boerneteater, Copenhagen, DK
THU 05 JAN - PH Caféen, Copenhagen, DK (w/ Echo Me & Kagoshima Bay)


THU 20 OCT - Christianias Boerneteater, Copenhagen, DK
TUE 04 OCT - PH Caféen, Copenhagen, DK
WED 28 SEP - Tjili Pop, Copenhagen, DK
FRI 15 JUL - Café Slabberas, Aarhus, DK
THU 21 APR - Huset i Magstraede, Copenhagen, DK
TUE 01 FEB - Temple Bar, Copenhagen, DK
THU 20 JAN - Café Retro, Copenhagen, DK
WED 19 JAN - Café Blaagaards Apotek, Copenhagen, DK
WED 05 JAN - Café Blaagaards Apotek, Copenhagen, DK
TUE 04 JAN - Temple Bar, Copenhagen, DK


TUE 21 DEC - Trinitatis Natkirke, Copenhagen, DK
FRI 10 DEC - Huset i Hasserisgade, Aalborg, DK

Nothing's Holding You Back

From 'The Radar Post, 2015

Filmed and edited by Birk Kromann (Das Bahnhof)

You Got My Back

From 'The Radar Post', 2015

Filmed by Signe Tora Munk Bencke.
Edited by Birk Kromann (Das Bahnhof)

The Sudden Stop

From the EP 'The Sudden Stop', 2013 (released as 'Esben Svane')

Directed by Andreas Feldfos Bargmann.
Filmed by André Hansen.
Written by Andreas Feldfos Bargmann, André Hansen and Ditte Svane.
Thanks to my friends and mom and dad for being in the video.


From the EP 'The Sudden Stop', 2013 (released as 'Esben Svane')

Directed by Esben Svane.
Produced by Ditte Svane.
Filmed by Lars Hauschildt Juul.
Edited by Signe T.M. Bencke.
Color graded by Martin Fugl.
Thank you for making this video with me! And thank you to my sweet friends for being in the video!


(Album, April 2015)

Saarbrücker Zeitung
“Captivating intimacy. Something big to come" Bleistiftrocker
“An exceptionally strong album”

“An album that proves size down to the smallest details"

Intro Magazine
“Sophisticated songwriting and great lyrics"

“The first song is a true revelation in itself. The album is like an open book"

“There are so many feelings dedicated to this album that it totally transmits to the listener. Unusual and unique must be the words.”

Blueprint Fanzine
"An honest inside view. Quality and versatility."

Better Nord Als Nie
“The private diary of a sad artist"

"In spite of the highly personal touch, The Radar Post doesn’t sound like pure self-therapy, but is kicking like its own living beast. In other words, a concise pop rock album.”i>

“A solid debut album. It's all rolling in over you like the smoke from a bonfire while the evening sun sets over a desolate field”


(EP, February 2013)

Peek-A-Boo Music Magazine (Belgium)
"'The Sudden Stop' is a great piece of art..."
"Thank you Esben Svane for this great song, just as fine and great as the previous ones... Now, where is the repeat bottom?"
"I really hope this gets a bright future!"
"Svane is indeed bringing 5 strongly personal statements in the songs on 'The Sudden Stop'. Incredibly catchy melodies, personal messages in the lyrics, and periodical references to Teitur in his most complete compositions."
"What a voice! That's exactly the thought that struck me when listening to Esben's music, which is centered around an honest and personal lyric universe. You almost feel you know Esben after listening to the lyrics through his amazing vocal, which circles around the solid and catchy melodies."

"Especially the song "This Is Tracey" is a track in it's own league. With fine felt fingerpicking on the guitar and a genius vocal opening to the verse, we witness a tough truth declaration to a phone that's not being answered. 'Esben Svane' is a name you should take notice of the next time you see it."

Bands of Tomorrow
"...on this EP some good and thoughtful songs are hiding, and in solid indie-style they are supported by a nice and solid vocal that carries the songs all the way"

4 / 6 - GAFFA

4 / 6 - Tjeck Magazine

Vejle Amts Folkeblad
"This release is ground breaking on several levels, not least for the artist himself. First of all it takes him from being the drummer in 'A Friend In London' to being a great songwriter. He has always been multi-instrumental, so it's not a big surprise that he plays all the instruments himself."


(KB18, Copenhagen, Feb- 14th 2013)

Bands of Tomorrow

"Esben Svane has an ability to seduce all of his audience solely with his voice and his guitar. It is this way his songs should be heard. Not with a band or backing singers.
It is the song and - not at least - the lyrics that are in focus, and they are performed in a completely honest and deeply personal way. They were done with a rarely seen nerve and soul that made me forget time and place, and made me step up and first of all - listen. Because that is what Esben Svane can do - he makes people listen. His lyrics are relevant and are performed well-articulated, so you have no doubt in what they want or where they want to go."


(EP, January 2011)

"The songs are well written and it's interesting how they can go different directions. Although the melody is the fundamental of the songs and the choruses are good, Esben's focus is more on the personal than the poppy."

Crystal Clear Destillates

(Songcrafter press release)

The songs by Danish songsmith Esben Svane come off as crystal clear destillates – the result of a young man’s tugging war with the downside of life in the fast lane.

The lyrics are fueled by the melancholy of reflection, knocking on the door after the tag ‘overnight sensation’ has completed its rampage through the mind. What is left standing must redefine itself and a world the singer can live in. Mistakes and shortcomings are dealt with honestly, and strength is found in admitting to be everything but perfect, since it has become painfully clear that nothing ever will be perfect.

"When you jump off a chimney top, what kills you is the sudden stop – will never be the fall," as Esben Svane puts it in the title song of his new EP ‘The Sudden Stop.’ The fall doesn’t kill you. It’s the knock, the shock, when all energy is brought to a halt so abruptly that everything inside turns to mush.

Figuratively, this is the feeling the singer deals with when time has come to look life in the eye, and he realizes that, in the end, the only one looking back is himself...
Love is everything but easy, but the downsides must be faced and embraced. Also there is the beginning, necessary realization that the bottle has become something else than the friend it started out to be. Something has to give, if life is to ever become anything but endless shadow boxing against hung-over yesterdays and a vacant wasteland of wrecked love affairs.

“I use songs to tell myself things I need to hear. As a kind of therapy, I guess. I see two versions of myself with different characteristics. These two guys are at it most of the time, constantly arguing. I kind of write songs so I can hear the words come back to me like anybody else,” says Esben Svane.

And this energy constitutes the mother lode for the songs on ‘The Sudden Stop.’ While tracks like ‘Girlfriends’ and ‘Anywhere In A Paper Boat’ testify to the fact that love, as this singer knows it, is like faring in an unsafe, fragile vessel in a sea as unpredictable as it is beautiful.

Contact Esben directly


Djepéta Music
Jesper Thisgaard
(+45) 22 72 83 17

Booking - Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Arne Thamer
(+49) (0)40 3199 161 611


Nordic Music Society
Jon Madsen
(+45) 30 70 76 95





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